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Hokeness Properties offer clean, safe, affordable residential properties, all of which are within walking distance to UMD and St. Scholastica. 


We began looking at rental properties when our son attended UMD a number of years ago.  We were appalled at the condition of many of these homes. I’ll never forget walking into one home in particular. The carpet looked as though someone had overhauled a motor with many oil stains, wood rotting in the sliding patio door so bad that mushrooms were growing out of it.


Our son ended up renting a house which had siding issues allowing rain water to leak into one of the bedrooms.  This was reported to the landlord but fell on deaf ears and was never addressed. In fact, when he and his roommates moved out of the house the landlord threatened to withhold their deposit unless they cleaned the mold growing on the wall (which of course was caused by the leaky siding).


At Hokeness Properties, we commit to responding to issues\concerns in a timely manner. See testimonials from some of our past tenants.


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