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We care about our tenants.

Here's what some of our tenants have said:

Dan and Carmen were the perfect landlords. I had bad experiences in the past, so I was leery of landlords, but my opinion changed renting through them. When my two other roommates and I moved in, the house was spotless and everything was in great working order, something I didn't find in past rentals. Any issues that arose were dealt with quickly and it made us feel very comfortable living there. I would recommend Dan and Carmen as landlords to anyone looking to rent a great house from fantastic people! Thanks Dan and Carmen!


Angie W.

I've lived in Duluth for the last four years and Dan and Carmen were the best landlords I experienced. They were attentive. If there was a problem (which was rare) they would fix it as soon as possible. They also went above and beyond to make sure that we were comfortable in our house. At one point, our washer was not working properly and instead of putting a "band-aid" on the solution, he bought a new washer for us instead. I was lucky to experience such great landlords.


Laura S.

Dan and Carmen have been fantastic landlords for the past 3 years. The house is in fantastic shape and you can tell that they truly care about providing you with a home, not just a college house. In the 3 years, very few problems came up but when they did, it was taken care of promptly. They respect their tenants and are true to their word. I could not have asked for a better off-campus place to live!


Andrew G.

Dan is a very attentive, caring, and responsible landlord. He has made the house I rent comfortable, nice, and safe. I have had nothing but a good experience from renting from him!


Sarah G.

I have had great experience with Dan as a landlord. Not only is the house in great shape, if anything was to come up they are quick to repair it or replace it. They are very caring landlords as opposed to a lot of the landlords I've dealt with in Duluth. I would highly recommend renting from them. 


Thanks Dan! 


Molly O.

After renting from two different landlords in Duluth and having horrible experiences I have finally found a beautiful home with an excellent landlord. Dan Hokeness genuinely cares about his tenants and does everything possible to make them comfortable. Any time there has been an issue he has had it fixed and completely taken care of it within a few days. He only buys homes that he would want his own child living in and makes sure they are up to code and in much better conditions than any other college houses I have seen in Duluth. I've finally found a house and a landlord I am comfortable resigning a lease with and HIGHLY recommend to all of my friends.


Thanks Dan! 


Ashley B.

Dan is a great landlord and really cares about all his tenants. He always responds immediately to any phone calls and has everything fixed fast. This is by far the best experience I have had with renting!


Larissa B.

We all have enjoyed renting from you and in comparison to other renters we have heard about you are one of the best in this area. You always look after your tenants and are always willing to help out when things occur. We truly appreciate everything you have done for us.


Ryan T.

I had the pleasure of renting a property from Dan Hokeness during my time at University of Minnesota Duluth. The property was in great shape and Dan is by far the best land lord I have done business with. It was easy to get in contact with Dan at all times, the property was continuously upgraded, repair requests were answered quickly, and he truly respected us as tenants. The impression I got of Dan while renting from him is that he is a professional man, something that is easy to see in everything he says and does. I would recommend Dan as a land lord to my friends and family without hesitation.

Andre T
UMD Football Alumni
Class of 2014

We have been extremely satisfied renting from Dan over the last two years. Since the beginning he has made countless improvements to the house so as to provide a superior living environment at a very fair price. Throughout all of the leasing activities, Dan has maintained a professional and structured approach allowing for a smooth experience. In the couple times we needed maintenance done, the problem was almost always resolved within the same day. Overall the house was by far the nicest college house I have seen in Duluth and I would highly recommend renting from Dan to other students in the area.


Matt M. 

I miss that place so much. That was by far the best house I lived in while in Duluth and it always helps when you have the best landlord in the city.


Keaton R. 


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